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December is my Favorite Month


December is my favorite month. It is my time to reflect on the past year, on what I have learned, what I am grateful for and where I need a little push for the coming year. It is a great time to create a one page plan for yourself. Watch Nell Merlino's video, "One Page Business Plan" at:


It is a great month to make a list of your goals for 2015. I only put 3 things on my goal list so that it's achievable. It is difficult to work on more than three things in one year. I believe in the baby step approach to change, slow and steady. I usually choose one thing that is personal (children, relationship, home), one that is work or growth oriented (starting a business, getting a promotion, making more money, going to school, attending a seminar) and one that is beauty and maintenance oriented (laser hair removal, new look, losing weight- that is important too!). Incorporate fun into your goals! For my goal of fitness, I participated in a 5K run last week.

To begin to inspire you on what you want to work on for 2015, The Adelante Movement brings you month long Christmas presents of inspiration and thought provoking videos and webinars.

Here are some gems that await you:

Inspirational videos from Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook and the bestselling author of LEAN IN, who I interviewed in July at our Adelante/ NCLR event in Los Angeles. Sheryl talks about:

Juggling life and career

Facing challenges and opportunities for success

Women and Latinas supporting each other


Along with some of my inspirational videos about:

Being a Latina in the U.S.

Not giving up

Dreaming bigger

Buying from other Latinas

On December 8th we bring you (for one month) the Google Social Media Workshop presented by Google Star Executives Eliana Murillo and Adrianna Samaniego. See how Google can help you start and grow your business online. DON'T MISS !!


And, our November webinar, "Ten Questions to Consider Before You Start Your Own Business" is still available on our website for our members.

Happy Holidays !

Now! Here! Go! Adelante!

All the best,


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