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Nely's Corner

Embracing the Sharing Economy

Posted on 07/28/2016 @ 06:30 PM

Dear Hermanas,

Here’s a confession: there was a time when the words social media, apps and even the term high-tech used to send me into fits of panic. “How am I ever going to keep up with this stuff, never mind learn it,” I would ask myself, daunted time and again by the pace and non-stop dynamism of the all-consuming Internet.

But like everything else that can at first seem insurmountable, I chiseled away, trusted the learning process, embraced the challenges and before I knew it, I started to realize that not only was the world of high-technology completely graspable, but also infinitely loaded with opportunities for financial growth.

I began to see that, thanks to the robustness and creativity within the Internet, we are all privy to the perks of an incredible phenomenon: the sharing economy. In such an economy, apps and websites such as Etsy, eBay, Airbnb, Dribble, Folyo, Lyft and so many others now exist, providing platforms for you to flex your entrepreneurial muscles, and simultaneously make some extra cash.


Gone are the days where nine-to-five jobs are the only life-line to stability. With the sharing economy, you can work a regular job plus have a side-hustle on one (or more!) of these platforms; or you can just focus on the side-hustle and have no day-job at all. The bottom line is that the sharing economy not only gives you all varieties of ways to earn money, but is also provides a wonderful paradigm of flexibility.

If you’re not ready to dive in head-first, I invite you to try your hand at some aspect of the sharing economy side-hustle for just one hour per week. See what happens when you roll up your sleeves, make up your mind, and commit to just one hour each week, if only to poke around and explore the options. I guarantee you’ll be as surprised as I was about the vast array of (lucrative!) opportunities out there.


Finally, in case you missed Adelante's live webinar - A Master Class in Social Media featuring Kathy Cano-Murillo and her daughter Maya, CLICK HERE to watch a replay at your leisure.

Now, here, go. Adelante!

All My Best,



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