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Hispanic Heritage Month 2014: Events, Celebrations, and Festivals, City by City

Nicole Akoukou Thompson

Latin Post

Sep 18, 2014


From Sept.15 to Oct. 15, expect to see plenty of festivals, parades and extravaganzas that recognize the prolific contributions made by American Latinos and Hispanics. Across the United States, particularly in the U.S.' largest cities, the heritage, history and legacy of more than 20 Latin American nations will be on full display, and the diverse tradition that is the robust Latino/Hispanic/Latin American identity will receive praise.


With more than 48 percent of the Los Angeles population being Latino, it's no surprise that the City of Angels will host an incredible number of events for the "month." From the ongoing "Metro Crawl," which promotes small business growth in the metro area, to the Viva Los Dodgers' Latino Heritage Booth to the "Latinos in Hollywood Photo Exhibit," L.A.'s calendar is jam-packed with cultural events to please residents of all ages, races and experiences. Check out the fourth annual Fall Into Literacy Book Festival on Sept. 27, funded by the United Way, or the Day of the Dead Sugar Skulls event on Oct. 14.


Hispanics make up just 13.3 percent of Philadelphia's population. Nonetheless, the City of Brotherly Love manages to offer its residents an abundance of cultural activities that include fun, food and art. The Mexican Independence Day Festival was held Sept. 14, and upcoming events include Brazilian Day Philadelphia on Sept. 21, the 13th Annual Goya Latino Family Celebration on Sept. 27 and the ¡Qué Viva la Herencia Latina! at Raíces Culturales Latinoamericanas, just a few examples of the long list of events available around in the large metro area.


Twenty-nine percent of the Windy City's population is Latino, and the city has certainly been influenced by that presence. Little Village and Pilsen are prime examples of the impact of Latinos on the neighborhoods of Chicago.The Little Village Chamber of Commerce 26th Street Mexican Independence Day Parade on Sunday, Sept. 14 kicked off the celebrations, which then spiraled into colorful array of community events. The Macy's on State Street will hold a Hispanic Heritage Month event on the evening of Sept. 25; Ballet Folklorico will perform Sept. 27 and Oct. 4; and Frankie's People will play a guitar-based brand of folk music, Trova, on Sept. 20 and Oct. 4. Also, the film "Cesar Chavez" will be showed Sept. 22 at the Main Library and at the Pastrick branch, where popcorn and refreshments will be served.


Latinos constitute a large slice of the Big Apple, representing 28.6 percent of the population. The city is rolling out a series of events to honor the diverse history and rich heritage of Latinos. The Second Annual PUEBLO HARLEM Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration, the Mexican Day Parade, the Long Island Hispanic Heritage Street Fair, the Panamanian Day Parade, The Carnaval De La Cultura Latina and so much more are available to Latinos in the NYC area . Also, Latin Post will be partnering with La Caza Azul Bookstore for two events; independently the iconic book store has an extensive list of events available for its patrons.


Arizona has its own long list of events available, as well as Ohio State University and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. To learn about National Hispanic Heritage Month and the excellent things Latin Post will be doing for Hispanic Heritage Month, check out the Latin Post Hispanic Heritage Month page.

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