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“Cuchi-Cuchi” All The Way To The Bank

Nely introduced and brought to the stage, Charo, who is literally a household name in the U.S. since the early 1970’s. Nely and Charo then engaged in an uproariously funny interview with some compellingly serious moments. Charo spoke of using the “cuchi-cuchi” stereotype “all the way to the bank” as audiences in Las Vegas were more interested in the Latin spitfire image than her virtuoso Flamenco guitar playing and performing. Nely encouraged Charo to share the secrets of wise investing by Latina women who want to be economically secure and independent. Charo believes in investing in gold and real estate.


Photo: Manny Hernandez
Nely Galán, with Hollywood Legend Charo at the special edition of The Adelante Movement.

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