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The Adelante Movement Comes to Chicago

Ashmar Mandou

The Lawndale News

Oct 3, 2013

TV Producer, inspirational speaker and founder of The Adelante Movement, Nely Galan is bringing The Adelante Movement to Chicago. Presented by Coca-Cola Adelante is a day-long program that will include inspirational speakers, business workshops, networking sessions, information about job opportunities at Coca-Cola, personal and professional development tips as well as financial and business advice to help Chicago Latinas create economic prosperity for their families.

“What makes this event so unique is that we are laying it out all on the table,” said Galan. “We will talk about all our mistakes and how we learned from them. Also, we are bringing Chicago Latina women who have experienced success and never forgot their roots to inspire the women in Chicago. We are lucky to have Sandra Cisneros as one of those examples at the event.”

Adelante will take place Saturday, Oct. 12th from 9a.m., to 5p.m. at The Museum of Broadcast Communications, 360 N. State St. The event is free but seating is limited. Register at Read what Galan has to say about success and the tips she has on how to get there in next week’s issue.

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