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Haz Alguien Feliz

These small acts can have a big impact on someone important in your life. Whether by bringing cookies to the office, joining mom to watch her favorite novela, or giving a ride to a friend, these acts of kindness are neither expensive nor time-consuming. Let’s join Coca-Cola in this movement to bring our communities and hermanas closer. Adelante!

To take part in this selfless initiative, post a picture with a written note of what your random act of kindness will be, or one showing how you have already made someone happy. Using the hashtag #HazAlguienFeliz, you can upload your pictures to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to join Coca-Cola in spreading the joy all holiday season. It’s just that easy!

Keep an eye out in your cities- social influencers from San Antonio, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and Miami, will be hitting the streets to stir conversations, encourage #HazAlguienFeliz acts and document the smiles and joy that these small acts bring to communities.

#HazAlguienFeliz kicks off December 4, and we can’t wait to see what creative ways you will come up with to surprise the ones that matter most in your life! Brighten someone’s day, and join Coca-Cola in making someone happy with a random act of kindness this holiday season.

Examples of acts of kindness: play hide and seek with your nieces and nephews, bring treats to work, help your neighbor carry their groceries, surprise your sister with a big bear hug, wash your dad’s car, cook a surprise dinner for someone, go with your significant other to watch a soccer game, let someone else pick the music in the car…and many more!

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