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Andrea Bahamondes' Success Story


My name is Andrea Bahamondes. I’m an entrepreneur, personal development coach, wife and mother of three wonderful kids.

Born in Santiago Chile, I spent the first part of my life living under the military regime of Pinochet. Those years shaped my existence and gave me a perspective about how precious living in the moment can be - a perspective not lost since creating my life in the United States.

As an adult I worked in business development, taking companies from idea to completion. With very little money, my husband and I built an 8 million dollar company in 3 years. We worked tirelessly. But, eventually, it took its toll.

I realized there had to be more. A better way to work, live and communicate.


Business as usual was no longer fulfilling. I needed balance between my spiritual, creative self and the driven, career oriented self that had taken over.

I began The {Naked} Elephant in 2009 after committing myself to learning everything I possibly could about creating a more sustainable lifestyle through psychology, Eastern teachings, and personal coaching. I’ve spent over 6,000 hours working and studying in the field.

Today, I work with bright minded people who are looking for clarity and meaning during transitional points in their lives. My goal is to help them tackle the obstacles keeping them from moving forward and finding true joy in whatever path they choose to follow.

And, just in case you’re wondering…

• I do have one of those sexy Latin accents. Think Sofia Vergara without The Modern Family.

• I’m based in Los Angeles but am able to do my one-on-one coaching on the phone with women all over the world. Technology can be a wonderful thing.

• I’m married to my best friend. My husband and I share our lives with our three children and one Golden Retriever.

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